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village  kitchen

Family House

With an interior made in neutral colours and at the same time using materials close to the industrial look, the furniture in this home complement the feeling of space and create additional comfort to its occupants with a clean design style and quality of artistry.

The Nelson’s Project

Private apartment

Fully compliant with the requirements and needs of customers, this apartment radiates a lot of style, comfort and warmth at the same time. The assimilation of each space provides the necessary space and freedom.

20131 Grove Street

Small Village Kitchen

This kitchen is the embodiment of the desire of each of us to keep the warmth of the country house, combined with the comforts of modern times and the opportunity to use the space in small areas.

The Jefferson’s Lake House

Private Apartment 1

In this apartment, the clean lines and the combination of materials make us feel luxury and warmth while enjoying the open spaces and the functionality of the individual zones.

Частен апартамент 1

Private Apartment 2

The clients' individuality is evident in every detail of this home, from the colour combinations, and the choice of appliances, to the shapes of the wardrobe doors. Everything is combined with the desire to achieve spaces that captivate attention with every look or touch of the surfaces.

Частен апартамент 2
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